The lowdown…so far

It’s official, the husband has signed his new work contract and he and I will be packing up our life and moving to Stuttgart in a few months.

Wow. Writing that down has made it seem a lot more real.

Now we aren’t new to the whole expat thing, except this time there is no end date. Permanence is what we’ve been craving for a while now and whilst we hoped it would happen in our current city, in our current jobs, it hasn’t. We are happy about the decision, but sad to leave our friends, who have become our family, and the city, that has become our home.

We aren’t new to Germany, we have been living in Bavaria for over 3 years, but Bavaria is well known for being a little different to the rest of the country. We survived here though, so we are hopeful for our overall survival in Stuttgart too 😉

I’m not new to blogging I used to be The Erlangen Expat, and still will be for a while yet but I’ll be moving most of my none Erlangen specific blogs to their new home here at Starting Over in Stuttgart.


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