What to wear – at the Christmas Market

Now I’m no fashionista but I wish that someone had prepared me for a how cold it could get and how crowded the markets might be. I struggled with getting a balance between warm enough and not unattractively bundled up like an enormous snowman, so I put together some outfit suggestions for days (and evenings) out at the markets. To give you some ideas.

Christmas market date night

Benefit from my experience, you are going to be outside and it could be -15 degrees, you are going to need at the very least your ears covering. I love a good ear warmer, maybe because I have crazy thick hair and sometimes find a hat too hot. Don’t forget your camera, and work out the best low light settings before hand, sometimes a phone just isn’t enough to capture the Christmas glow of the markets.

Christmas Market with friends

Sturdy, warm footwear will protect you from icy slush as well as other peoples feet, as well as make standing around  for a while bearable. The infinity scarf/snood, whatever you call it has the benefit of never coming undone or getting caught in doors (true story). I really prefer fingerless gloves for the markets, it makes gripping a mug of Glühwein that much easier, a leather glove would do the same but most mugs you get handed have had sweet hot wine sloshed (none to carefully) in them and get quite sticky, knitted gloves are much easier to wash.

Christmas market German style

This one is a more standard ‘Bavarian’ style, see the Jack Wolfskin practical walking boots, it’s actually modelled on a friend of mine. A good cross body bag is invaluable especially at crowded markets like Nürnberg and Rothenberg ob der Tauber, I hate having a shoulder bag constantly knocked off my shoulder, and as with a lot of places that have tourist heavy traffic there can be pickpockets, so watch out. Lip balm is an essential for Christmas markets as far as I’m concerned, the cold does crazy things and chapped lips are not attractive in all those Christmas photos.

What will you be wearing to the Christmas markets?

Oh and notice how all the coats are black? it’s just the way, check it out at your next market to see what I mean.


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