Boo hoo

I have succumbed to that hideously annoying and most boring of ailments, the common cold. I am not a nice ill person, I don’t graciously accept help and everything hits on my last nerve. I try to be nice, even tempered and grateful, but generally this only happens out of guilt for the meanness that rolls of my tastebud dead tongue.

So far I’ve had the headaches, sinus ache, runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat, shivers, fever, complete lack of energy and the achey achey body. Woe is me right? I have on the other hand had more than enough time to order my Christmas shopping online (between naps), not that any of it has actually arrived yet eeek must look up last posting day for the UK, or maybe not.

I’ve watched every crappy Christmas film on Netflix, binge watched more Gilmore girls and musicals than I ever though possible and have made it out of the house about 3 times in the last week (supermarket, Apotheke, Mueller). Beyond the evil that is Erkältungs Tee and non medicated throat sweets Germany doesn’t offer much in the way of cold relief over the counter, is it just me that asks guests to bring Night Nurse? but this week I’ve not been overly annoyed about it (first time in years). Maybe its part of the settling in process or am I just becoming more German?

Sick day relaxation

My uniform for the week, looked a little something like this, though I had to make my own lemon, ginger, honey cordial (sobs, I miss Sainsburys) and I’m waiting on ‘Girl online’ to be released, and yes I freely admit to being a youtube addict.

Thankfully I’m feeling a lot better now and just in time for the annual stand around and drink hot wine in the snow month. Maybe that Erkältungs Tee did work after all?

Any tips on German products I should check out for cold and flu season?


2 thoughts on “Boo hoo

  1. bevchen says:

    There is something called Cetebe, which is the German equivalent of Lemsip. I don’t find it works as well, but at least it’s actual medicine… not that hot lemon stuff from DM that’s literally just lemon-flavoured powder!


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