First of the month

A time for new beginnings and new habits. May has 31 days and I intend on making them all count. Depending on who you ask, habit forming (or breaking) can take anything from 21-66 days so May will give me a good chance to test whats true for me.

I’m working on a daily essentials to do list for May,

Work on my German everyday, I don’t have lessons for a few weeks so I need to be strict with myself and stay motivated.

Move more everyday, I’ve been too sedentary lately and it has to stop, yoga DVD out and fresh air I’m coming for you.

Read a book everyday (for fun) for 30 minutes minimum, I’m totally behind on my reading list nuff said.

Organize the 4000 photos on my computer and collate into albums, I’ve been putting this off for too long.

Over thinking and procrastination are not my friends this month and must be stopped, this applies to all of the above and more (hello washing up) wish me luck!

Are you trying to make or break any habits this month?


3 thoughts on “First of the month

  1. Claire Duffy says:

    This is actually creepy because this could be my to do list word for word! Except Swedish instead of German – I’ve been way too lazy about Swedish for way too long.


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