Picture this

I finally caved and started a public Instagram account. Apparently I was the only person left out there with a private account, but since I’ve rarely used it in the last year or so I decided to utilise it for the blog. I don’t do selfies and it’s mostly museums and buildings, food and drink, but I have to say I’m enjoying using it again, and making my eyes work harder to find the beauty in the everyday.

Giant Eagle made of pumpkins – standard #exploregermany #merica #fliegen

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I’m finding it less of a time waste than Facebook for sure, though I have slipped down the rabbit hole a couple of times, ‘when did it go dark outside?’ New toys hey?

What are your favourite accounts to follow?


2 thoughts on “Picture this

  1. Ami Schwabenland says:

    You are (were) definitely not the only person left out there without an Instagram account. I have never used it or any other social media beyond Facebook (and that’s only because it’s an easy way to stay connected to my kids). I don’t do Pinterest, either, or WhatsApp. I don’t even text and have no desire to start any of the above. So please keep including your best photos on your blog! 🙂


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