Hi, I’m Alie, a thirty something Brit living with my British husband in a small village, in a crooked house, in Baden-Württemberg. I fill my days with learning German, learning to sew, reading a ton of books, drinking a lot of tea and exploring my new home, all in a days work for a Hausfrau extraordinaire ha ha (for the moment).

As a foreigner, expat, immigrant, Ausländer, heck just a non native German I sometimes feel a lot little different to others in my new adopted home, an outsider maybe, or that person who gets a joke 30 seconds after everyone else has stopped laughing. That’s life though and I’m learning to deal with it mostly with the help of my two favourite medicinal treatments, Gin and Marzipan and through sharing it with you.

I’m also The Erlangen Expat, my starting point as an expat and a valuable experience for me during my first few years in Germany. Franconia will always have a little piece of my heart and if you are moving there or planning on visiting you can pick up some useful pointers here.

If you want to get in touch –

All content on my blog is original and owned by me, unless otherwise stated and credited. Please do not take, copy or reproduce any of it without my full permission. Linking up to work you love and want to share is wonderful and I’m happy whenever it happens, but please ensure that Starting Over in Stuttgart receives full credit, and a link to the specific original content is provided.

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