Schiller Week 2016

I’m guessing that most people have heard of  of Friedrich Schiller. One of Germany’s favourite literary sons, friend of Goethe, was born right here in Württemberg (before it got joined to Baden) on this day in 1758 in the pretty town of Marbach am Neckar.In celebration of his life a few events are happening this week, and on Sunday the shops will be open! (there aren’t a huge amount of shops but who cares when it looks like this)

Schillerwoche 2016 As you can see there is plenty of chocolate box fachwerk to wander amongst, the city wall and tower are also open at the weekends. Schillers’ birth house, is now a museum and the town also houses the German Literature Archive where you can find the Museum of Modern Literature and the Schiller National Museum.

This afternoon the town children took flowers up to the Schiller memorial and… well you can see what happened there…

Tonight is Martinstag so I’m expecting St Martin and his horse followed by the towns smaller children carrying lanterns to pass by the house any minute, I really hope the weather isn’t too bad for them.

I’ve been reading a lot about Schiller the man lately, hey it’s Schiller week it would be rude not to, and though some lose something in translation, these are a couple of my favourite Schiller quotes.


Happy Schiller week to Marbach am Neckar!

A little announcement

October was indeed a good month. It was crazy stressful and busy but utterly rewarding because on the 22nd October 2016 we finally adopted a dog. We have been wanting a dog for a long time, but the timing never really worked out. It has been really frustrating.

We have been visiting a local Tierheim since March time, and checking their website constantly learning about the process and meeting some adorable pups along the way. Like I said, timing, sometimes you aren’t meant to be that forever home, but someone else is. So we waited.

And waited.

And yes, he was totally worth that wait. This little Dachsador, who is currently under the desk, asleep on my feet has found his forever family and home here, and we already can’t imagine life without him.



Hello again

It’s been a while.

I’ve purposely neglected my blog to deal with, well, my grief. The last year has been a particularly tough one. The kicks just kept on coming and it wasn’t until September that I really, truly, felt better, or like myself again anyway. I’ve sat down and written loads of posts that will remain unpublished. Probably for the best. I was very angry. Some posts however will appear, or get resmooshed into something understandable because…